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Service Department

Service Department

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Call our service department at (845) 338-2800 or contact us.

Why Should You Have Your Motorcycle Serviced at Woodstock Harley-Davidson®?

We have all the genuine parts to service your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle!

We use a complete line of authorized tools and the latest computer software updates for your model.

Our technicians attend training each year to stay up-to-date on motorcycle models. They also must pass monthly updates and classes from the factory.

All of our technicians are factory PHD trained and participate in the factory sponsored continuing education technician recognition program. The PHD training focuses on the motorcycle and its related operation and service procedures.

The technician recognition program recognizes members of the service staff that have completed all of their PHD training and taken part in week long training courses. This training combined with dealership experience is what establishes the achievement level that each of our technicians wears on their sleeves.

From the service staff level to the master of service technology, all of our technicians are dedicated to attaining the most advanced skills and current information available in order to keep your ride on the road for many trouble free miles.

The credibility of our Service Department is absolutely astounding specializing in stock and high performance Harley-Davidson®, we are equipped to make your motorcycle suitable for you and your taste. We have factory-trained technicians on duty.

We accommodate any type of problem that may arise with your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle in an efficient, precise, and timely manner.

Did You Know We Have A Dyno?

Well we do! Ever wonder what kind of Horsepower and Torque your motorcycle is producing? Through the use of state-of-the-art computer technology, our Dynamometer allows us to quickly and accurately diagnose performance problems. By simulating the best seat-of-your-pants road testing right in the shop, problems are easily diagnosed in a fraction of the time. Tuning a motorcycle has never been easier! With the addition of an air/fuel ratio monitor, we can show you not only horsepower and torque, but also exact air/fuel ratio. This takes the guesswork out of air/fuel metering concerns. The air/fuel ratio graph shows a rich/lean condition at each RPM during the Dyno run.

We have the product, but do we have the training? Of course, we do! All of our technicians have been trained to use the Dyno accurately and effectively. Why not let us take your motorcycle on the best Dyno-ride of it's life?! Call now for an appointment! (845) 338-2800.

Don't have the time to drop your bike off, or pick it up?

Woodstock Harley offers paid 'Pick up' and 'Drop Off' Service for customers who have tight schedules. Our specially designed van includes a custom made 10' high grade aluminum ramp, state of the art high impact flooring and a special 'tow-in' wheel chock with winch that allows us to pick up units that are not working*. Please call for our current rates.

*We are not a 'rescue tow service', and do not pick up crash bikes, or bikes on restricted state or federal roads. Please use a certified and insured tow vehicle for those needs. If you are a National HOG Member, those benefits are listed with your membership.

We offer early bird drop-offs! 

Do you have an appointment to drop your motorcycle off for service, but can't make it in during business hours? Ask for details today!

We perform New York State Inspections Tuesday through Friday, please call for availability.

Our full-time service personnel, are devoted to meeting all your motorcycling needs and V-Twin visions! Whether it's routine maintenance, a tire change or an electrical charging issue - we've got you covered. Our team of dedicated factory-trained professionals has over 100 years of combined technical and customer service experience. 

Service recommendations and delivery

Please call our service department at (845) 338-2800 to schedule your service work.

Price Guarantee*

Woodstock Harley-Davidson Service Department Price Guarantee.* We will match or beat any advertised price or printed estimate from an Authorized Harley-Davidson (Dealer) Service Department within 200 Miles of Woodstock Harley-Davidson in Kingston, NY.

*This Price Guarantee applies to our Service department only. Advertisement and estimate must be presented and currently in effect. 

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